Electric Appliances

Switches & Accessories

Bijliwala finds its roots in passion for bringing best switches and accessories from the finest top brands of country and globe. Our switches speak of safety and design excellence made to suit the needs of the commercial as well as residential spaces. Our portfolio of brands are thoughtfully designed and introduced to appeal to a variety of audiences, right from the economy range to world class designer products. Through its multitude of offering- piano, modular, glass plates, semi modular, wood, touch, WiFi, Bijliwala appeals to a wide audience base. Along with switches, Bijliwala electrical wiring devices also offers a wide choice of accessories including fan regulator/ Light Dimmer, Power Sockets, Indicator LEDs, Downlight, Time Delay and much more. Bijliwala defines class, design and forward innovation in safe electrical wiring devices- a smart choice for the modern customer.

Wires & Cables

With extensive research and development along with the finest conclusions Bijliwala has developed the best in class products and are addressing the continuously changing requirements of our treasured customers. The growth in the flexible cables category has been brought about by bringing new and improved things to the interest of our customers. If there is something that is required everywhere irrespective of the genre of work being done, it is undoubtedly flexible cables. Whatever the type of construction, industrial work, or domestic installation is being done, cables are always an integral part. Bijliwala range of cables includes heat resistant flame retardant cables, flame retardant low smoke cables, halogen free flame retardant cables, flame retardant with lifeline, multicore round cables, flat submersible cables, telecom switch board, CATV coaxial cables, LAN cables, CCTV cables and speaker cables. Our entire range is highly reliable and safeguards all your appliances while doing the job. Get all this and much more at the best prices, only on the Bijliwala Store.

MCB’s & Distribution boards

Electricity is an inseparable part of our daily lifestyle. In residential, commercial and industrial sectors there are myriad systems,  and sophisticated appliances that depend on electrical energy. Uncontrolled electrical power can be extremely dangerous. Overloads, crowded wiring,short-circuits and all kinds of interruptions in electric supply can lead to devastating losses, least of them being financial. We at Bijliwala are proud to be known and respected for our range of superior quality electrical control and safety devices. Through these, we speak of our lasting concern for safety, economy and productivity for our customers. Our range of Circuit Protection Systems includes Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Isolators, Distribution Boards (DBs) and Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs).


Bijliwala understands the significance of lighting in modern day life and thus beginning a new era by offering reliable, affordable lighting options to your growing lighting needs. Our products are aesthetically designed and enhance the environmental ambiance as well it’s a soothing experience for your eyes.
Bijliwala launches exclusive range of Consumer Luminaries & wide range of LEDs products. The entire product range is having a distinct advantage in aesthetic and performance over its competition and suitable for commercial and residential applications and are Eco efficient.

Home Art Light

The Bijliwala range of Home Art Lights are so aesthetically superior that you will me mesmerized by their beauty. Whether you turn them off or on; keep beauty switched on forever in your home. The range, designed keeping in mind the exquisite tastes and preferences of consumers, have something for your every desire. Form intricate and ornate to minimal contemporary designs, Home Art Lights serve to uplift the decor of any room they are placed in.


Bijliwala with collection of numerous types of fans including exquisite, antique finishes to fans specially designed for kids to dual colour fans and High Speed Fans. With innovative designs and excellent finishes being the key elements, Bijliwala has successfully been able to capture the essence of the customers’ needs. An important appliance for every household, it is important that a fan functions properly giving sufficient air flow. Be it a wall fan, ceiling fan, table fan, an exhaust or a personal fan, the entire range from Bijliwala is built with the best materials to give optimum results and last long. Apart from the Bijliwala guarantee, there are multiple other benefits that you can avail. The biggest advantage is that you can get vast collection of each and every big brand and not worry about going to different stores and spending time. Check out the latest fan range and select what suits you the best. We bring forward a collection of classic, stylish and efficient fans that you can install in your homes to make them beautiful. Match the fans with your furniture, walls, curtains etc. and find relevant options for your living room, bedroom, dining, balconies, offices, shops and more


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